the visual, the conceptual, the political - modus operandi
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[Close-up discussion club]


'Go & See' Project
Project description

This project builds upon the format of the 'Close-up' discussion club, where discussions are held weekly and are open to participants of various interests and backgrounds.

The 'Close-up' discussion club provides an informal public space for presenting and debating topics, ideas and projects in the field of art, culture, new media and politics.

The 'Go & See' discussion series aim at streamlining and improving efficient communication through introducing thematic clusters and debating over current issues related to the specific ways in which informal and marginalized communities exploit the visual, the conceptual and the political.

As the project unfolds it will research the articulate and independent social domains, practices, patterns of behaviour and the ways they interact with one another. This 'research' is carried out from the point of view of the curious researcher, who without the opportunity to be omnipresent in all social domains is still interested in the common structuring principles behind them. The introduction to different social domains happens through presentations, which are made by active participants in these domains. The discussion moderation facilitates the discussion with a view to the particular topic and the unfolding group dynamics.

The following thematic clusters will be exploited through the duration of this project.

1. The VISUAL: concepts and politics
- Non-commercial comic books: How to Read them?
Presented by Stanislav Iliev and the team of comix.cult.bg

- "Close up" Discussion Club presents the International competition for realistic painting"Balkan Artists 2004"- its concept, participants, nominated and awarded artists.

-"independent culture!? what's this? presentation of eskimo.org

- "Vulnerability - five movements"

- Street Media - Non-commercial media & Mass Culture - Graffiti, Sub-culture and Kitsch - Importing Sub-cultures
Presented by Georgi Lilov, New Bulgarian University

- Underground, Music & Graffiti
Presented by the team of tru-undergound.org

- Freecards? The Practices of fame.bg
Presented by the team of fame.bg

- Stickers & Fliers: Directions for Use - Anti-ads - The practices of Adbusters, USA
Presented by ……………………….

2. The CONCEPTUAL: visuals and politics
- Alternative TV Networks: independent and public TV in Holland, Germany, Austria & the Netherlands
Presented by Ventsislav Zankov, Panelists: Milen Tsvetkov, Ivan Garelov
- High Tech Media - Savoring the Public Domain - Public v/s Private in the Web - Socialism? I have been there
Presented by Georgi Gospodinov, Diana Ivanova and team
- High Tech Ethics - E-forums, E-registers, Sharing the Web - Experiment.org & Alternative Culture Sites
Presented by Raina Markova & Alek Popov
- High Tech & (new) Culture
Presented by Boris Kostadinov, Editor INTRO Magazine
3. The POLITICAL: concepts and visuals
- Indymedia and the Promises of New Technologies - Political identity in the Web - The message & the Web - New Technologies # new message?
Presented by the team of Indymedia
- Formatting Europe - the Long Winding Road from Radio 'Free Europe' to Radio 'New Europe'
Presented by the team of Radio 'New Europe'
4. The Visual, the Conceptual , the Political … Modus Operandi
- Gay communities - Tolerance & affirmative Action - The Stereotypes of Tolerance
Presented by the GEMINI Gay Organisation
- Diversity Revisited - AIDS and the Deficiencies in Communication - the HIV Stigma
Presented by …………………
- Guilt as Legitimate Fear - Communication Shutdown
Presented by 'Plus Minus' Foundation, 'Hope v/s AIDS' Foundation and other organisations representing HIS positive persons