Ø      The sharing of efforts, activities and actions that do not pursie, neither result into personal material benefit, shall be supported by the Foundation.

Ø      Efforts, activities and actions, related to the development of functional relationships within small social groups, motivated by non profit interest shall be preferentially supported by the foundation.

Ø      Provided that the goals and objectives are shared, they should relate to the process of generating values, categories, artistic and social outputs that need public recognition to be identified as such, shall be eligible to support by the Foundation.

Ø      New patterns of behaviour, that clearly identify themselves in terms of their activity, action plans and vision,  beyond the simplified oppositions of classic/modern, traditional/radical, here/there, formal/informal, and beyond any other similar oppositions (aiming at reducing the area of the genuine cultural policies and practice), shall be supported by the Foundation.

Ø      Activities, actions and behavior, which do not assume the presence in the public space (either national or international) to be a particular goal, without any particular need to do so, shall be supported by the Foundation.

Ø      Patterns of creating, based on the conscious recognition of collaboration shall be supported by the Foundation.

Ø      Non-artistic activities, with non profit purposed, without the pretence to be such, shall be supported by the Foundation.


The MORGAN Foundation shall provide support only when the motivation for self-help is available.




1.       Personal qualities of the applicant

Ø      Strong emotional and intellectual claims

Ø      Abilities for evaluation /self-evaluation under emotionally rigid circumstances

Ø      Good writing/speaking skills

Ø      Good timing

Ø      Power of observation and flexible focus of attention

Ø      Artistic merits

2.       Vision/Mission/Mission Statement


Ø      Why

Ø      To what purpose

Ø      With whom

Ø      How many/much

Ø      Till when

Ø      What next

3.       Partners (please specirfy)

4.       Turned down projects and results

Ø      Checklist of failed/turned town plans and intentions with short description and reason that account for their failure.

Ø      Checklist of approved projects, which to the judgement of the applicant, did not turn successful: short description, resp. with explanation.

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