since 22.01.2004

... моралният опит не изисква нещо повече от един способен за вменяване /capable d'imputation/ субект, като под вменяемост /imputabilite/ разбираме способността на един субект да посочи себе си като истински автор на собствените си действия.
...На свой ред идеята за вменяемост като способност може да се впише в дългото изброяване на способностите, чрез които в антропологичен план характеризирам това, което наричам способния човек: способност да говориш, способност да правиш, способност да разкажеш себе си. Вменяемостта прибавя към тази поредица способността да положиш себе си като агент.

"От морала към етика на етиките"
Пол Рикьор


L'experience morale ne demande rien de plus qu'un sujet capable
d'imputation, si l'on entend par imputabilite la capacite d'un sujet a se designer comme l'auteur veritable de ses propres actes.

………………. A son tour, l'idee d'imputabilite, en tant que capacite, se laisse inscrire dans la
longue enumeration des capacites par lesquelles je caracterise volontiers, au plan anthropologique, ce que j'appelle l'homme capable: capacite de parler, capacite de faire, capacite de se raconter; l'imputabilite ajoute a cette sequence la capacite de se poser comme agent.



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  • The CloseUp Discussion Club provides room for informal public debates, which keep out the discourse of 'orthodox' formal discussions with its rigid audience-versus-lecturer format.

    Debaing at the CloseUp Discussion Club allows for genuine sharing of opinion and responsible participants' involvement in the debated topics.

    Discussions take place Thursdays, 6.30 pm.: discussion topics are announced beforehand.

    The club opens space for participants to share and therefore presenters are challenged to go beyond rigidly framed presentations and to establish good rapport with the audience.

    The club does not waste efforts to 'mimic' an environment of supporters. Presenters have to work to receive understanding and support for their views.

    The club is open to anyone who is interested in joining and open to share their opinion freely.
    The discussions cover a wide range of topics, attracting various soical groups and individuals from all walks of life: in this way the club mobilizes impressive 'educational' resourses.

    Discussion participants keep a dynamic profile, which mostly depends on the presented topic, the appeal of the preliminary topic announcement and naturally the presenter him/herself.

    'Faking' an interesting topic and recruiting regular participants are not practiced at the club.

    The club's 'regulars' are those who make a demanding audience: people capable of asserting their views in debates and responsibly presenting their positions.

    The Close-up Discussion Club
    a place where the pleasure of communicating with people on absorbing topics, interesting to all the participants, is a value;
    a place where analysing, re-thinking, debating in the no-man’s land between the arts contributes to a new vision, reading, interpretation and understanding of the events in arts and culture within the context of the present socio-political realities;
    a place of bringing up-to-date and changing the artists’ vision, as well as that of the audience;
    a place where understanding happens via communication;
    a place where the borders among the different kinds of art are blurred.

    We believe that there is a time and a place for:

    • a discussion and criticism over the present state, creation and use of the visual today;
    • an analysis and reflection on the present visual by representatives from different fields of culture;
    • a chance for adaptable visions about understanding of contemporary art as a part of the social process;
    • creation of a free area for sharing of ideas.
  • The Place
    The Granary (Hambara),
    22, 6th September Str.

    Every Thursday – 6.30 p.m.
CloseUp Discussion Club
Thursdays, 6.30 pm, The Granary


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Initiated by:
Ventsislav Zankov

'E80' Association for Exit Strategies and Project